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Dr. Zhang Zijun

China Agriculture Research System (CARS)

Department of Grassland Utilization and Ecological

Faculty of Animal Science

Anhui Agricultural University

Hefei, China




Dr. Zhang Zijun is currently an assistant professor at Faculty of Animal Science in Anhui Agricultural University. His academic qualifications include: Bachelor of Agriculture in Animal Science (Faculty of Animal Science, Gansu Agriculture University), Master of Agriculture in goats genetic breeding and reproduction (Faculty of Animal Science, Gansu Agriculture University), Ph.D. in sheep and goats reproduction. His research areas include: molecular genetics, goats breeding, goats sperm proteomics, grassland utilization and ecological. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 papers in the national and international journals and conference proceedings. After obtaining his M. Agriculture degree, Dr Zhang joined the Gansu Agriculture University as a teaching staff. He later (2008) had joined the '948' project (Introduction of high quality breeding sheep from New Zealand) of the Department of Agricultural and the Gansu 'Tenth Five-Year-Plan' (Cultivation of new group of mutton sheep in Hexi region) in the university. At the second half of 2008, he was transferred to the Anhui Agriculture University and also appointed as specialist for Meat sheep and goats of the China Agriculture Research System (CARS). He is also the Secretary General of China Sheep and Goats Association.


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