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AADGN Vision & Mission

AADGN Vision

Sustainable and thriving dairy goat sector serving the needs of society

AADGN Mission

  • To facilitate generation, collection, dissemination and exchange of knowledge
  • To provide technical, institutional and policy supports
  • To promote improved and sustainable dairy goat farming in the Asian-Australasian region and beyond


The overall objectives of the AADGN are to facilitate contact among scientists, extension workers, industry and other stakeholders; provide technical support; enhance information exchange; and promote dairy goat farming in Asian-Australasian countries and beyond. Specific objectives include:

i. Foster collaboration among stakeholders within and among countries to enhance and promote dairy goat farming

ii. Disseminate and encourage exchange of new information

iii. Develop specific collaborative research programs within and among countries to source for national and international research grants

iv. Promote formal and informal training especially for technicians on various aspects of goat husbandry

v. Promote participatory approaches among stakeholders to ensure maximum mutual benefit

vi. Encourage use of local resources to achieve sustainable dairy goat farming, and

vii. Promote processing and marketing of goat milk and derived products


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